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Our Services

From picture framing to restoration, frame conservation and gilding, we also specialise in all types of picture frames. Here at Insitju Framing & Conservation Ltd we provide a high level service to all our clients, no job is too big nor too small.


Martin Edwards MA is a trained conservator that specialises in the conservation and restoration of gold leaf surfaces. We offer the following services in traditional gilding: both water gilding and oil gilding and conservation gilding: repairing and matching an existing gold leaf surface.

We continue to use the same traditional materials and methods used before the Renaissance to conserve and restore antique frames.

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Our conservators specialise in the conservation and restoration of gold leaf surfaces. We offer  the following services in both water gilding and oil gilding.

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Gilding of frames and objects

Martin is highly skilled and experienced in picture framing and traditional gilding techniques and provides a variety of gilding services on an assortment of surfaces for small moveable objects and frames, as well as larger architectural features and interiors. 

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Insitju specialises in the conservation of polychrome objects. Polychrome are wooden sculptures, objects and frames decorated with paint, metal leaf and other colourful materials, they have a long tradition in many cultures and time periods.


Conservation & Restoration

The terms 'conservation' and 'restoration' are often used interchangeably and you might sometimes hear conservators being called restorers. It's important to know the difference as the two practices have different focuses and outcomes as shown below.

Conservation physically preserves cultural heritage, allowing for items to be displayed, researched and used. It is a highly skilled and cross-disciplinary practice that links the arts, science, humanities, social science and technology.

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Frame Conservation

Insitju provide a picture frame conservation service for all types of frames. We tailor our services to the needs of the client and adhere to the stringent ethical guidelines of the conservation profession. 


Art Conservation

Insitju Fine Art and Conservation provides a range of fine art conservation services for objects made from a wide selection of materials. Work can be carried out on your premises or at our workshops and may include cleaning of fine art such as oil paintings.


Preventative Conservation

Prevention is better than cure. Effectively caring and managing a collection is the first step to ensuring the longevity of an item or an entire collection. Insitju can provide consultancy reports and software systems that will minimise the risk of damage and deterioration.


Examination and Reports

We offer preventative conservation assessment of collections. We will supply written reports on all paintings and their fixture and fittings. We also offer an environmental assessment on your property. We use environmental monitors that access humidity and light conditions, that will enable us to recommend adjustments to the use and storage of your collection.


Paint and Layer Analysis

Our conservators offer a paint and pigment analysis. This is a specialist scientific process that identifies paint layers and original colour schemes by sectioning and examining in the cross section.


Disaster Planning

We curate disaster plans with the simple aim to ensure salvage operations during a collection disaster are undertaken safely and that any long-term damage is contained and minimised.

Conservation & Restoration
Picture Framing

Picture Framing

We design and construct all of our picture frames to your requirement. We hold a wide range of manufactured mouldings as well as bespoke individually made frames. We construct simple, elegant and well-proportioned frames to enhance your artwork in a sympathetic manner. 


Our natural hand finished frames are constructed from a variety of sustainable timbers they are stained, polished, painted and or gilded to provide the appropriate finish for contemporary and traditional works. We also have a selection of antique frames for sale that can be viewed at the studio.

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We provide an innovative design service, each frame is bespoke, hand made and quality assured. Our frames are made from high quality products to maintain high quality workmanship.

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We offer a bespoke hand finished contemporary framing service for 20th and 21st century art. Our first class finishes include gesso, French polishing, gilding, Japanned and painted options. We also stock a large range of mouldings and are happy to discuss your framing requirement in our show room  

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Several of our clients are galleries, artists, interior designers and private collectors we offer a comprehensive framing service that includes installation.


Period Framing

Our workshop can replicate Dutch, Flemish and Mid -European frames, using traditional tools, methods and materials. our frames are finished in the same way using the same recipes for glues and gesso as craftsmen 300 years ago. Insitju will match and age a frame to get the correct patina.


CMC Cutters

Insitju can provide deep core mount boards in the largest format. The Computerised Mount Cutter (CMC) is able to  cut a perfect bevel edge on the largest size board available within the picture framing industry.

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